How to download Disavowed Links from Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools) and upload into Link Detox?



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    Johnnie Kazija

    nicely explained, just missing the point where do we upload that new  disavow into detox? as I only see it in the rerun option which costs credits and not in the reproccess option?

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    Daniela Zuckerhut

    Johnnie, you can either re-run a new report or upload the new file in your overall "Settings" (upper right side of the page) and then go back to the report and reprocess it.

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    Thomas Prommer

    So are you saying that after I upload a disavow file for a domain under Settings I can rerun the detox rules on an existing report without additional credits and the just uploaded disavow file will be used to update the detox rating?

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    Sylvia Chlebowski

    Hello Thomas,

    Thank you for your comment! If you want to upload a disavow file in your settings you can re-process your report. Reprocessing is for free and calculates your DTOX risk anew. Please note that Re-Running does cost you credits.

    If you have further questions please let us know!

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