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Daniela Zuckerhut October 30, 2013 2 Using LinkResearchTools / Getting Started

To make the most out of the Link Detox Genesis™ I have put together some best practices on how to use it correctly. We also have created a Link Detox guide, which informs you step by step how to work best with the tool: Link Detox – Step by Step Guide.  

Below are the steps that we recommend that you follow:

1. Connect your Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools) account: Read here how you profit from the Google Search Console (GWT) integration and how this will enhance the performance in 5 tools.

2. Analyze BOTH www and non-www: Before it depended on the user to make the choice of analyzing both domains. Now, we automatically analyze both www and non-www domains without any extra credits.This means if you have links to www and non-www , we analyze both the www and the non-www version of your website. We combine both domains in order not to miss links and cross-effects between the two domains.

3.Upload the disavow files, because otherwise we cannot perform the DTOXRISK™ calculation correctly, as we would still consider the risk scores for those disavowed links. To submit a disavow file to a report, you simply have to add the file when you start the report with the “Upload disavowed links” option. All the uploaded URLs will then not get taken into account in the results. You can find them still in the report marked with the status “Disavowed”.

You can also upload the disavow file in the “Settings” of your account in the section “Uploaded disavow / ignore files”.

4. Upload as many link source files as possible: use our upload function to get as many as possible link file sources processed (beside the links pulled out from your Google Search Console) within your report. 

We’ve never claimed to have a 100% index of the web, only the biggest number of sources. However, every extra info is helpful and can be combined and verified.

Here are some typical mistakes we have seen in the past with data uploads

  • Users uploaded their existing link-data from Google Search Console (GWT) into the “WHAT-IF” mode. But that mode is for simulating “what if you had those links”. When you just want to add more link files, you need to use the “classic” mode
  • Users uploaded a file of “linking domains” from Google Search Console (GWT), instead of the “linking pages”. However, to crawl and analyze your actual backlinks, we need the exact Source-URL.

5. Classify 80% of your keywords or more: Keyword classification in Link Detox works like in other tools (CLA, BLP) that are very well known. In order for your DTOXRISK™ calculation to work best you have to classify at least 80% of the keywords. 

6. Rate Links as Good or Bad: the thumbs up/down now rate the LINK itself, in a simple way – if you think it’s good, give us a thumbs up, if the link looks bad, give us a thumbs down. This rating is being processed when re-processing (no cost) done and will affect YOUR report in YOUR project only. By this you can fine-tune your results, but also give us feedback that we use to train Link Detox Genesis™

7. “Re-process” your report for free after classification of keywords, rating/disavowing of links. This will provide you with the most current and accurate Detox Score for your further analysis. Please note, that the “Reprocess” button ONLY becomes active (green) if any changes (like keyword classifying, link rating or disavowing) have been made to the report AND the report is re-loaded with F5.

If you did not make any changes to report, then there is nothing to re-calculate.


To sum the typical Link Audit workflow with Link Detox Genesis™ up:

1. Starting DTOX report with ALL data you can get (including also your disavow files)
2. Classify keywords and re-process
3. Link Rating/Disavow/Tagging and re-process
4. Export Disavow file from your LinkResearchTools account and upload it to your Google Search Console account (Google Webmaster Tools account)
5. Re-Run DTOX report and upload current ALL data AND Disavow files (Round-Trip Disavow)  


If you want to deepen your knowledge about the whole process, please sign up for our free LRT Associate training!




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